We have successfully executed motorsports branding and strategy work for some of the biggest brands in the sport. Most of our consulting work is protected by confidentiality agreements, but a few clients have given us permission to show some of our older work. The end result of our strategy and branding work is usually an identity system and/or marketing strategy, but these are always based on thorough market research and a deep understanding of our client's vision.


Metalore Brand Collateral

Based in El Segundo, California, Metalore manufactures precision metal parts for motorsports teams and manufacturers around the globe. They call numerous Formula 1, World Endurance Championship, IndyCar and NASCAR teams as well as several major automakers as clients, yet their work for each is so proprietary that they cannot be named. In the summer of 2017, Metalore relied on RACER Studio's design and marketing communications expertise, with a sensitivity not only to their products, but also to the clients they serve, to craft a simple, yet elegant collateral piece. The aim is to address the changing demands in the motorsports market with a repositioning of their core value proposition.


SCCA National Championship Runoffs Identity

In early 2017, the Sports Car Club of America awarded RACER Studio a project to create a new identity for their signature annual event, the National Championship Runoffs. Their desire was for a clean, contemporary feel that would also feel timeless. As an added challenge, the event takes place in a different venue every year. RACER Studio came up with an identity system that leverages the venue equity in the form of a stylized track map and venue color palette as a variable component that is anchored to a new word mark for the National Championships. The result is a new and unique logo for each successive event that retains continuity over time. When taken as an event, each year's identity is original, yet when collected as a whole offers an unbroken continum linking all the events together.

ACCUS Millennials Study Project

We were commissioned by ACCUS to present a study of the Millennial generation's interest in auto racing.

Penske Motorsports Visual Identity

In the mid-1990s, America witnessed an unprecedented boom in racetrack development, and Penske Motorsports Inc. was leading the way with the construction of California Speedway. To support their new destination, Roger and Greg Penske retained us to develop comprehensive identity, advertising and marketing programs.

The “Turn Four” icon and logo design we created were quickly adopted by Roger Penske for California Speedway — as well as for all his other performance-related businesses, including the storied Penske racing team. California Speedway’s visual positioning strategy and launch campaign resulted in a multi-year agreement to provide a full suite of creative services including advertising, collateral, tickets and race programs for all Penske Motorsports’ tracks. This logo design can still be found on Penske Racing merchandise to this day.

Daytona 500 event logos

The Daytona 500 was the centerpiece of NASCAR’s ascendancy to the top tier of professional sports. Daytona International Speedway waned to develop a fresh and consistent brand identity for its premier event, and International Speedway Corporation, its parent company, commissioned our team to develop the Daytona 500’s visual language along with numerous other projects.

The results of our work can be seen in the 2005, 2006 and 2007 logos, all of which have their own distinctive looks while carrying the common these of a stylized red, whitr and blue containment shapes evoking Daytona’s famed high-banked tri-oval. We won’t take credit for the marked increase in Daytona 500 licensing and retail sales that began in 2005, but we like to think better-looking merchandise contributed to the increase in sales.

Logo design, various clients

Every brand seeks a visual icon that uniquely captures its personality and its promise. The best logos logo good, stand out and convey a message about the company. This is especially challenging in the visually-cluttered environments typical of motorsports.

These logos demonstrate our team’s experience in distilling a brand’s core values into a bold graphic design that is unique and recognizable. Although some of these logos were designed more than a decade ago, many are still in use.